For: CFP Arts (school mandate)

Medium: Newspaper

Production of an exclusively typographic newspaper in the broadsheet format. It’s dedicated to a cinematographic genre, and can only contain one typeface and one weight. The editorial content is a mix of different types of text. 

Date: February – May 2023

For: Amnesty International

Medium: Forex poster + post card

Creation of a poster that aims to highligh human rights related to migration. Choice was made between 3 topics: Migration / Freedom to Protest / Discrimination. Birds have the freedom of migration, but migrants often don’t.

Award: 1st prize from the public

Date: January – March 2023

For: CFP Arts (school mandate)

Medium: Display typeface

Custom lettering made from scratch in a type workshop. The name of a Swiss city determined the choice of letters to draw. They only contain rectangles, triangles and outstanding incisions.

Date: June 2023

For: CFP Arts (school mandate)

Medium: Album cover + vinyl

New version of Nicolas Jaar’s record “Space Is Only Noise”. He’s an experimental ambient house musician. This album blurs the line between electronic and acoustic sounds, giving shape to a half digital, half manual design. It takes into account Jaar’s notions of noise, texture and repetition.

Date: September 2023

For: CFP Technical

Medium: Invitation card

Card made for students who recieve their diploma. The 5 patterns represent the 5 sections at the technical school, honored this year. The evolution of the shapes symbolises the evolution of students’ projects.

Date: March – May 2023